Accounting for Inventory: Third Edition

Author: Steven Bragg


Book Description
The value of inventory is a difficult figure to pin down, and yet it must be properly derived in order to create accurate financial statements. Accounting for Inventory enhances the accountant's ability to derive an accurate valuation, every time. It does so by delving into inventory counting systems, cost layering, standard costing, overhead allocation, the lower of cost or market rule, disclosures, measurements, and much more. This book is an essential tool for dealing with one of the largest and most complex assets on the balance sheet. [246 pages]

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Overview of Inventory

Part I - Inventory Record Keeping
Chapter 2. Periodic and Perpetual Inventory Systems
Chapter 3. Inventory Record Accuracy
Chapter 4. Inventory Counting and Reconciliation

Part II - Inventory Costing
Chapter 5. Estimating Ending Inventory
Chapter 6. Inventory Cost Layering
Chapter 7. Standard Costing of Inventory
Chapter 8. Job Costing
Chapter 9. Process Costing
Chapter 10. Overhead Allocation

Part III - Additional Inventory Accounting
Chapter 11. Obsolete Inventory
Chapter 12. The Lower of Cost or Market Rule
Chapter 13. Inventory Spoilage, Rework, and Scrap
Chapter 14. Joint and By-Product Costing
Chapter 15. Inventory Disclosures
Chapter 16. Inventory Transactions

Part IV - Related Inventory Topics
Chapter 17. Internal Revenue Code for Inventory
Chapter 18. Inventory Transfer Pricing
Chapter 19. Inventory Controls
Chapter 20. Fraudulent Inventory Transactions
Chapter 21. Inventory Policies
Chapter 22. Inventory Budgeting
Chapter 23. Inventory Measurements