Accounting for Managers: Second Edition

Author: Steven Bragg

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Book Description
Non-financial managers need a sufficient knowledge of accounting to interpret a company’s financial statements and make key business decisions. In Accounting for Managers, we describe how accounting transactions are compiled into financial statements and how information about company performance can be extracted from those statements. We also discuss a number of accounting-based decision tools and how they can be used to improve upon business decisions in many areas. Topics covered are noted in the table of contents below. [338 pages]

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. The Need for Accounting Information

Part I - Financial Accounting
Chapter 2. Introduction to Accounting
Chapter 3. The Financial Statements
Chapter 4. Interpreting Financial Statements
Chapter 5. Evaluation of Responsibility Centers
Chapter 6. Overview of Selected Accounting Standards 

Part II - Managerial Accounting
Chapter 7. Sales and Marketing Decisions
Chapter 8. Human Resources Decisions
Chapter 9. Investment Decisions
Chapter 10. Acquisition Decisions

Part III - Accounting Tools
Chapter 11. Cost Accounting Tools and Concepts
Chapter 12. Target Costing
Chapter 13. Constraint Analysis
Chapter 14. Budgeting Concepts
Chapter 15. Budgetary Control