Budgeting: Fourth Edition

Author: Steven Bragg


Book Description
A business may need a well-defined budgeting process in order to estimate its future financial situation and arrange for appropriate amounts of financing and personnel. Budgeting: A Comprehensive Guide provides clarity to the process by showing how to assemble a complete set of budgets, as well as supporting procedures, controls, and reports. It also addresses several variations on the basic budgeting concept - the flexible budget and the zero-base budget. And for those organizations that prefer to operate without the rigidity of a formal budget, the book discusses how to do so. In short, Budgeting provides the complete toolkit of solutions for building a tailor-made budgeting system. [269 pages]

Table of Contents

Part 1 - The Traditional Budget Model
Chapter 1. Introduction to Budgeting
Chapter 2. Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
Chapter 3. The System of Budgets
Chapter 4. The Revenue Budget
Chapter 5. The Ending Finished Goods Inventory Budget
Chapter 6. The Production Budget
Chapter 7. The Direct Materials Budget
Chapter 8. The Direct Labor Budget
Chapter 9. The Manufacturing Overhead Budget
Chapter 10. The Cost of Goods Sold Budget
Chapter 11. The Sales and Marketing Budget
Chapter 12. The Research and Development Budget
Chapter 13. The Administration Budget
Chapter 14. The Capital Budget
Chapter 15. The Compensation Budget
Chapter 16. The Master Budget

Part 2 - Variations on the Budget Model
Chapter 17. Nonprofit Budgeting
Chapter 18. Flexible Budgeting
Chapter 19. Cost Variability
Chapter 20. The Zero-Base Budget

Part 3 - Operating without a Budget
Chapter 21. Operating without a Budget
Chapter 22. The Rolling Forecast

Part 4 - Budgeting Systems
Chapter 23. Budgeting Procedures
Chapter 24. Budgeting Efficiencies
Chapter 25. Budget Reporting
Chapter 26. Budgeting Controls 

Appendix. Sample Budget


A well organized and comprehensive guide to budgeting. It is more important than ever to understand the budgeting process in order to manage cash flows. A must read for every business professional. - David Johnson, Controller, Eleutian Technology

A budgeting book that actually covers a topic most companies neglect to consider - no budget at all. Whether you are looking for comprehensive guidance on how to construct a budget or an alternative to budgeting, this book covers it. A must have for any accountant involved with the budgeting function. - Matthew Beaven, CPA

I look forward to applying many of the recommendations in Budgeting: A Comprehensive Guide as we grow our company. The crewing method of determining the direct labor budget is particularly useful for job cost tracking at our construction, service, and maintenance company. - Shannon Waldron, CFO/Controller, Schultheis Brothers Co.

This book provides a valuable guide to detailed and effective techniques for budget development, accompanied by an equally important discussion of the limits and pitfalls that can undermine the usefulness of this important management tool. The balanced presentation provides the reader with the insight needed to contribute value to their company's profit planning. - Barrett Peterson, Manager, Accounting Standards, Procedures, and Analysis, TTX