Corporate Finance: Second Edition

Author: Steven Bragg

Book Description
Corporate Finance follows the flow of funds through a business, including fundraising, internal cash management, and the deployment of funds to dividends, capital expenditures, investments, and acquisitions. This book is intended to give the professional manager direction regarding how to develop an appropriate capital structure and determine the best types of debt and equity funding. Additional tools are provided for calculating the cost of capital and constructing cash flows to analyze potential cash uses. Full coverage of risk management for foreign exchange and interest rates is also included. [256 pages]

Table of Contents

Part I - The Underpinnings of Finance
Chapter 1. Overview of Corporate Finance
Chapter 2. Capital Structure
Chapter 3. Financial Planning

Part II - Sources of Funds - Equity
Chapter 4. Early-Stage Financing
Chapter 5. The Initial Public Offering
Chapter 6. Other Capital Raising Alternatives

Part III - Sources of Funds - Debt
Chapter 7. Debt Financing
Chapter 8. Leasing

Part IV - Evaluation Tools
Chapter 9. The Cost of Capital
Chapter 10. Discounted Cash Flows

Part V - Uses of Funds
Chapter 11. Working Capital Management
Chapter 12. Capital Expenditures
Chapter 13. Investment Alternatives
Chapter 14. Dividends and Other Payouts
Chapter 15. Mergers and Acquisitions

Part VI. Financial Risk Management
Chapter 16. Foreign Exchange Risk Management
Chapter 17. Interest Rate Risk Management

Part VII. Related Topics
Chapter 18. Supply Chain Financing
Chapter 19. Corporate Finance Measurements