Cost Accounting: A Decision-Making Guide
Second Edition [College Textbook]

Author: Steven Bragg


Book Description
Cost accounting is one of the most essential tools used by managers to fine-tune operations and improve profitability. Cost Accounting is designed for the college student who needs in-depth coverage of all cost accounting concepts, incorporating practical advice regarding their real-world usage. The text goes well beyond the traditional cost accounting topics of inventory valuation and cost analysis to also cover inventory management, price setting, target costing, constraint analysis, and budgeting. The material is designed to give the student exposure to how these topics are dealt with in a business environment. [419 pages][size: 8.5" x 11"]

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Overview of Cost Accounting
Chapter 2. The Cost Accountant Job Description
Chapter 3. Types of Costs
Chapter 4. Inventory Valuation
Chapter 5. Inventory Management
Chapter 6. Job Costing
Chapter 7. Process Costing
Chapter 8. Standard Costing
Chapter 9. Joint and By-Product Costing
Chapter 10. Waste Accounting
Chapter 11. Product Pricing
Chapter 12. Cost-Based Pricing and Demand Elasticity
Chapter 13. Target Costing
Chapter 14. Transfer Pricing
Chapter 15. Direct Costing
Chapter 16. Cost Object Analysis
Chapter 17. Activity-Based Costing
Chapter 18. Constraint Analysis
Chapter 19. Budgeting
Chapter 20. Capital Budgeting Analysis
Chapter 21. Cost Collection Systems
Chapter 22. Cost Variability
Chapter 23. Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
Chapter 24. Cost of Quality

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