Fraud Examination: Second Edition

Author: Steven Bragg


Book Description
Fraud Examination is a practical reference for how to prevent, detect, and investigate fraud within a business. It can be used to identify the different types of fraud, as well as to construct an environment in which fraud is minimized. In addition, it describes the many indicators of fraud, so that it can be detected early. The book also describes the process for investigating fraud, including interviewing techniques, document examination, and how to write a fraud report. In short, Fraud Examination is an essential tool for anyone interested in how fraud is perpetrated and how to conduct an investigation when fraud is suspected. [203 pages]

Table of Contents

Part I - Fraud Overview
Chapter 1. Introduction to Fraud
Chapter 2. Fraud and Theft Schemes
Chapter 3. Financial Statement Fraud

Part II - Fraud Prevention and Detection
Chapter 4. Fraud Prevention
Chapter 5. Fraud Policies and Controls
Chapter 6. Fraud Detection 

Part III - Fraud Investigation
Chapter 7. Fraud Investigation
Chapter 8. Investigation of Concealment and Conversion
Chapter 9. Fraud Interviewing Techniques
Chapter 10. The Fraud Report
Chapter 11. Legal Aspects of Fraud