Human Resources Guidebook: Second Edition

Author: Steven Bragg

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Book Description
The Human Resources Guidebook describes how to plan for the appropriate staffing and skill levels in a business, as well as how to design jobs and tailor recruiting campaigns to attract the correct types of candidates. There is extensive coverage of employee development, including career development, training programs, and succession planning. The book also notes the many types of compensation and benefits, as well as their tax implications, and finish with coverage of legal issues, including discrimination, related laws, and records management requirements. [333 pages]

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to Human Resources
Chapter 2. Human Resources Strategy
Chapter 3. Job Analysis
Chapter 4. Workforce Planning
Chapter 5. Recruitment
Chapter 6. Applicant Evaluation and Selection
Chapter 7. Employee Assimilation
Chapter 8. The Work Environment
Chapter 9. Career Development
Chapter 10. Employee Training
Chapter 11. Succession Planning
Chapter 12. Performance Evaluation
Chapter 13. Termination of Employment
Chapter 14. Employee Compensation
Chapter 15. Employee Benefits
Chapter 16. Cost Reduction Concepts
Chapter 17. Human Resources Budgeting
Chapter 18. Labor Unions
Chapter 19. Discrimination Issues
Chapter 20. Laws Impacting Human Resources
Chapter 21. Human Resources Metrics
Chapter 22. Records Management