Investor Relations Guidebook: Third Edition

Author: Steven Bragg


Book Description
A public company should communicate with the investment community, to clarify how it creates value and to set expectations for its performance. The Investor Relations Guidebook is a valuable resource for dealing with investors. It delves into the construction of a value proposition for a business and how to communicate it to investors, as well as how to conduct an earnings call and provide guidance. The book also describes the various types of SEC filings, how to organize an annual shareholder meeting, the mechanics of road shows, and the steps involved in an initial public offering. In short, the Investor Relations Guidebook is the go-to resource for anyone wanting to engage in investor relations. [249 pages]

Table of Contents

Part 1 - Introduction
Chapter 1. Introduction to Investor Relations
Chapter 2. The Value Proposition 

Part 2 - Communications
Chapter 3. Communicating the Message
Chapter 4. Regulation FD
Chapter 5. The Earnings Call
Chapter 6. Guidance
Chapter 7. The Forward-Looking Statement
Chapter 8. The Investor Relations Website 

Part 3 - The Investment Community
Chapter 9. The Sell Side and the Buy Side
Chapter 10. Investing Strategies
Chapter 11. Short Sellers

Part 4 - Public Company Mechanics
Chapter 12. Stock Exchanges
Chapter 13. Share Management
Chapter 14. SEC Filings
Chapter 15. Annual Meeting Planning and Voting

Part 5 - Fund Raising
Chapter 16. The Initial Public Offering
Chapter 17. The Sale of Restricted Stock
Chapter 18. The Road Show

Part 6 - Other Topics
Chapter 19. Third Party Investor Relations Services
Chapter 20. Share Performance Measurements 


Steven Bragg’s Investor Relations Guidebook is a tremendous resource for all investor relations departments and any company contemplating a public offering.  His step by step guidance and clear presentation provide the basis for successfully creating and running an investor relations function for public companies. - Tom Wilkinson, Managing Partner, PMB Helin Donovan, LLP

The Investor Relations Guidebook includes everything you need to know to effectively manage an investor relations department or simply communicate effectively with the investor community.  Seasoned professionals, anyone new to the public markets, and students will all find useful information and advice in this book. - Chris D'Angelo, Controller, Executive Health Resources

Steven Bragg has provided an incredible amount of detail and breadth of coverage of a complicated topic, yet in a concise and manageable presentation.  The practical solutions in The Investor Relations Guidebook would take years to figure out on your own.  This should be mandatory reading for management, investor relations staff, and investors. - Brian Lebrecht, Esq., President, The Lebrecht Group, APLC