The MBA Guidebook: Second Edition

Author: Steven Bragg


Book Description
It takes several years and a substantial amount of money to complete a formal MBA program, where students wade through many theoretical concepts that are never used in the real world. There is a quicker and more effective way to learn the practical side of business management. The MBA Guidebook describes the essentials of the core topics covered in a top-tier MBA program. The intent is to give the user a broad understanding of the most essential concepts needed to run a business – in one comprehensive book. Topics covered include sales and marketing, operations management, product development, risk management, business valuation, capital structure analysis, and the interpretation of financial statements. In short, The MBA Guidebook provides the essential knowledge for operating a successful business. [363 pages]

Table of Contents

Part 1 - Finance and Accounting Topics
Chapter 1. Accounting Basics
Chapter 2. The Financial Statements
Chapter 3. The Interpretation of Financial Statements
Chapter 4. The Cost of Capital
Chapter 5. Discounted Cash Flow Techniques
Chapter 6. Business Investment Decisions
Chapter 7. Capital Structure Analysis
Chapter 8. Mergers & Acquisitions
Chapter 9. Business Valuation
Chapter 10.  Enterprise Risk Management

Part 2 - Selling and Operations Topics
Chapter 11. Product Development
Chapter 12. Marketing
Chapter 13. Sales
Chapter 14. Operations Management
Chapter 15. Supply Chain Management 

Part 3 - Management Topics
Chapter 16. Recruiting and Hiring
Chapter 17. Building and Managing Teams
Chapter 18. Business Ethics

Part 4 - Strategy
Chapter 19.  Business Strategy