Mergers & Acquisitions: Fourth Edition

Author: Steven Bragg


Book Description
This book shows how to maximize the benefits to be gained from an acquisition, while reducing the risk of failure. It does so by discussing the strategies that are most successful for buyers, the steps and pitfalls in the acquisition process, how to gain government approval of an acquisition, and how to conduct a sufficiently detailed due diligence investigation. The book goes on to address those legal structures that are most beneficial from a tax perspective, how to develop a sensible purchase price, and how to engage in a seamless operational integration. [299 pages]

Table of Contents

Part I - Initial Stages of the Acquisition
Chapter 1. Acquisition Strategy
Chapter 2. The Acquisition Process
Chapter 3. Regulatory Approval
Chapter 4. Exit Planning
Chapter 5. The Data Room
Chapter 6. Valuation of the Target
Chapter 7. Synergy Analysis
Chapter 8. Hostile Takeover Tactics

Part II - Completing the Acquisition
Chapter 9. Due Diligence
Chapter 10. Payment Structure of the Acquisition
Chapter 11. Legal Structure of the Acquisition
Chapter 12. Acquisition Documents
Chapter 13. Acquisition Integration 

Part III - Additional Acquisition Topics
Chapter 14. Accounting for Acquisitions
Chapter 15. Acquisition Personnel
Chapter 16. Reverse Mergers


Mr. Bragg has once again presented very complex and lofty material in a concise and approachable manner.  If there is even the slightest chance you will one day be involved in any such transaction, do yourself a favor and read this book.  I wish I had this book years ago.  It will hold a permanent place on my bookshelf for years to come. - Chris D'Angelo, Controller, Executive Health Resources

With Mergers & Acquisitions, Steven Bragg continues to show why he is such a respected authority in the Finance and Accounting communities. Large or small, first time or grizzled veteran, buying or selling - everyone will gain valuable information to help improve M&A transaction success. As an entrepreneur, I have relied upon Mr. Bragg's expertise time and time again and this book is another "must have" core reference guide for my company's operations. - Ken Koch, CEO, Business Resource Management, Inc.

Too often, business owners view merger and acquisition activities as financial strategies only, and give limited consideration to the potential after-effects of combined ownership or consolidation.  Steve Bragg's Mergers & Acquisitions provides insight into the variety of motivations and approaches to M&A activities, and offers detailed information on addressing financial, operational, and other aspects of the process.  In my opinion, it's a 'must read' for every business owner, regardless of whether a buy or sell is on their immediate radar. - Joanie Mann, Executive Vice President, INSYNQ

Mr. Bragg has come up with an excellent combination of technical information and real world experience.  I highly recommend this book for anyone involved in the M&A process. - Wray Rives, CPA

This book has assembled and synthesized the critical issues involving complex and often risky M&A transactions. Although M&A projects represent successful non-organic growth strategies for an organization, this text provides a hands-on resource detailing trends, developments, guidance and best practices. It is a must read if a company wishes to avoid the problems associated with bad planning in the areas of regulatory considerations, due diligence, deal structure, valuation and pricing. - John G. Herndon, Adjunct Professor of Accounting and Finance, Cal State University East Bay