Nonprofit Accounting: Second Edition

Author: Steven Bragg

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Book Description
Nonprofit Accounting provides guidance in how to create and operate a nonprofit accounting system, close the books, and produce financial statements – all while operating in accordance with the unique nonprofit accounting standards. Coverage of nonprofit accounting standards includes revenue recognition, joint costs, split-interest agreements, and mergers and acquisitions. The book also describes detailed systems of control, budgeting, and ratio analysis to maintain a proper level of control over funds. [319 pages]

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Overview of the Nonprofit Entity
Chapter 2. Basic Nonprofit Accounting Concepts
Chapter 3. Nonprofit Financial Statements
Chapter 4. Revenue Accounting
Chapter 5. Government Grants
Chapter 6. Investment Accounting
Chapter 7. Inventory Accounting
Chapter 8. Fixed Asset Accounting
Chapter 9. Lease Accounting
Chapter 10. Pension Plan Accounting
Chapter 11. Joint Costs and Allocations
Chapter 12. Accounting Changes and Error Corrections
Chapter 13. Fair Value
Chapter 14. Other Accounting Topics
Chapter 15. Split-Interest Agreements
Chapter 16. Affiliated Organizations
Chapter 17. Mergers and Acquisitions
Chapter 18. Nonprofit Tax Reporting
Chapter 19. Closing the Books
Chapter 20. Nonprofit Budgeting
Chapter 21. Accounting Controls
Chapter 22. Nonprofit Policies
Chapter 23. Analysis of a Nonprofit's Financial Health