Payables Management: Second Edition

Author: Steven Bragg


Book Description
The accounts payable function represents one of the greatest opportunities for increasing efficiencies within the accounting department. Payables Management shows the accountant how to set up and run the payables function, including many tips for operational improvements. The book goes further, exploring the accounting for payables transactions, record keeping, measurement systems, unclaimed property reporting, cost recovery activities, use taxes, and more. In short, this book provides the accountant with a complete toolkit of solutions for improving the payables function.  [195 pages]

Table of Contents

Part I - Payables Transactions
Chapter 1. Overview of Payables
Chapter 2. Invoice Processing
Chapter 3. Types of Payments
Chapter 4. Expense Reimbursement
Chapter 5. Procurement Cards
Chapter 6. Use Taxes
Chapter 7. Finance Issues
Chapter 8. Accounting for Payables
Chapter 9. Closing Payables 

Part II - Payables Systems and Management
Chapter 10. Department Management
Chapter 11. Payables Controls
Chapter 12. Payables Fraud
Chapter 13. Payables Technologies
Chapter 14. Payables Record Keeping
Chapter 15. Government Reporting
Chapter 16. Unclaimed Property
Chapter 17. Cost Recovery
Chapter 18. Payables Measurements