Payroll Management: 2017 Edition

Author: Steven Bragg

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Book Description
Payroll Management reveals how to manage time tracking, payroll processing, and paying employees, while also describing the United States payroll regulations and reporting requirements related to compensation, benefits, payroll taxes, and tax remittances. There are chapters dealing with payroll accounting and how to set up a system of procedures, controls, and recordkeeping. Payroll Management is updated annually for the latest payroll regulations. [274 pages]

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Payroll Management
Chapter 2. Definition of an Employee
Chapter 3. Employee Time Tracking
Chapter 4. Employee Compensation
Chapter 5. Employee Benefits
Chapter 6. Payroll Deductions
Chapter 7. Payroll Taxes
Chapter 8. Tax Remittances
Chapter 9. Unemployment Taxes
Chapter 10. Payments to Employees
Chapter 11. Accounting for Payroll
Chapter 12. Payroll Reports
Chapter 13. Payroll Recordkeeping
Chapter 14. Payroll Procedures
Chapter 15. Payroll Controls
Chapter 16. Payroll Measurements
Chapter 17. The Outsourcing Option

Appendix. Federal Payroll Tax Calendar 


Payroll Management is a comprehensive analysis that will help readers save time and money for their organizations, while helping to establish well-controlled processes and compliance with the varied laws and regulations in this area. Mr. Bragg uses examples and tips to simplify complex topics, such as defining an employee and valuing benefits, making this a useful resource for both practitioners and students of the topic. - Edward J. Manley, Controller, Brooks Instrument

Payroll Management thoroughly covers the latest best practices for running your company's payroll department. Mr. Bragg gives practicing accountants and students a comprehensive guide to the payroll function while providing many examples of how to make payroll more efficient and effective. Annual updates ensure that Payroll Management will be a valuable tool for you in the future. Be sure to make this book part of your essential accounting reference collection - James O. Bailey, CPA.EA

Payroll Management is a comprehensive reference for payroll processing professionals and their managers. Effective payroll management is a complex, exacting, time constrained, and high frequency set of tasks carried out in an environment comprised of a maze of detailed, frequently changing regulations and detailed review by employees, tax collecting agencies, and the financial reporting requirements of the entity. This volume will guide practitioners to complete this vital function with the "invisibility" that is the hallmark of payroll management well done. - Barrett Peterson, Manager, Accounting Standards, Procedures, and Analysis, TTX