Project Management: Second Edition

Author: Steven Bragg


Book Description
Projects tend to take longer and cost more than expected. How is it possible to balance the many demands on a project manager in order to improve a project's outcome? Project Management shows how to be a successful project manager by exploring how projects are initiated, evaluated, and selected. It also addresses all phases of project planning, the use of CPM and PERT to schedule tasks, and how to make trade-offs between the various project constraints. The book tackles many other subjects as well, including change management, project estimating, risk management, reporting, and project management at the enterprise level. In short, Project Management is intended to improve the performance of a new project manager, as well as to refine the skills of a more experienced one. [228 pages]

Table of Contents

Part I - Basic Project Management
Chapter 1. Overview of Project Management
Chapter 2. Project Initiation
Chapter 3. Project Selection
Chapter 4. Project Phases
Chapter 5. Project Planning
Chapter 6. Trade-off Analysis
Chapter 7. Change Control
Chapter 8. Project Close-out 

Part II - Project Management Refinements
Chapter 9. Project Estimating
Chapter 10. Project Risk Management
Chapter 11. Project Quality Management
Chapter 12. Project Procurement Management
Chapter 13. Project Measurement and Reporting
Chapter 14. Project Management Best Practices
Chapter 15. Enterprise Project Management
Chapter 16. Special Subjects 

Part III - Change Management and the Project Team
Chapter 17. Change Management
Chapter 18. Team Development
Chapter 19. Team Management