Purchasing Guidebook: Second Edition

Author: Steven Bragg


Book Description
The purchasing function has a dramatic impact on the profitability of a business, and so must be carefully managed. The Purchasing Guidebook is an essential tool for doing so, since it shows how the department’s performance can be fine-tuned. The course focuses on supplier selection and management, the competitive bidding process, negotiations, and contract management. It also addresses the many ways in which purchasing can be used to control costs in the areas of inventory management, logistics, and quality, while also providing the financial tools to improve a number of purchasing decisions. In short, the Purchasing Guidebook is a required toolkit for the purchasing professional. [239 pages]

Table of Contents

Part I - Overview
Chapter 1. Overview of Purchasing
Chapter 2. Purchasing Processes
Chapter 3. Procurement Cards

Part II - Supplier Relations
Chapter 4. Supplier Selection
Chapter 5. Supplier Management
Chapter 6. Competitive Bidding
Chapter 7. Supplier Negotiations
Chapter 8. Contract Management

Part III - Management of Costs and Other Issues
Chapter 9. Inventory Management Issues
Chapter 10. Logistics
Chapter 11. Spend Management
Chapter 12. Quality Management
Chapter 13. Cost Management

Part IV - Other Purchasing Topics
Chapter 14. Purchasing Financial Analysis
Chapter 15. Supply Chain Financing
Chapter 16. Purchasing Measurements
Chapter 17. Applicable Information Technology