Treasurer's Guidebook: Second Edition

Author: Steven Bragg


Book Description
The treasurer can provide significant value to a business, not just by managing its money, but also through fundraising activities and proper attention to the management of credit and risk. The Treasurer's Guidebook shows how to enhance the treasurer position; it does so by discussing how the treasury department’s performance can be organized and fine-tuned, focusing on bank relations, cash concentration systems, investment strategies, financing sources, credit management, insurance, and more. The book also addresses the administrative aspects of the treasurer’s job, including the accounting for treasury transactions, treasury management systems, controls, and measurements. In short, this book is the ultimate toolkit for anyone intending to expand and improve the treasurer position. [285 pages]
Note: This book shares some chapters with the Corporate Cash Management book.

Table of Contents

Part 1 - Primary Treasury Functions
Chapter 1. Treasury Management
Chapter 2. Bank Relations
Chapter 3. Cash Concentration
Chapter 4. Cash Forecasting
Chapter 5. Clearing and Settlement Systems
Chapter 6. Investment Management
Chapter 7. Equity Financing
Chapter 8. Debt Financing
Chapter 9. Supply Chain Financing
Chapter 10.  Treasury Risk Management

Part 2 - Ancillary Treasury Functions
Chapter 11. Insurance
Chapter 12. Credit Management
Chapter 13. Working Capital Management

Part 3 - Treasury Back Office
Chapter 14. Accounting for Treasury Transactions
Chapter 15. Treasury Management Systems
Chapter 16. Treasury Controls
Chapter 17.  Treasury Measurements