Time blocking

Time blocking is a schedule of every activity during the day, in order to better manage time and discover where hours are being wasted or underutilized. A common increment of time to use in time blocking is 15 minutes. This might appear to be quite a small increment of time, but if you waste even a few of them, this adds up to an hour or more of wasted time per day. Then fill the schedule, blocking out segments for personal time, work activities, planning time, personal review time, and some flex time every few hours to accommodate work overruns. At first, adhering to this schedule will be quite difficult. You will need to continually assess what caused your actual time to diverge from the plan, and adjust the plan to accommodate the issues found, to make the plan more workable. Planning variances may also lead to the delegation or abandonment of some tasks, so that you can focus on the more critical activities.

Ideally, the use of time blocking should allow you to more easily achieve your goals, such as the number of invoices processed, the number of sales calls completed, the number of purchase orders processed, or being able to have dinner with the family at 6 p.m. every day. Essentially, monitoring your time usage over the course of a day in comparison to a plan can be quite effective at forcing better adherence to what you want to get done.

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